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About Me

After 39 years as a nurse at the bedside, primarily in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), I decided to find a new path that connected with my sole purpose as a nurse:Taking Care of My Patients.


As a bedside nurse, I was frustrated with our current medical model focusing on acute problems and quick solutions; never focusing on the real problems behind the illness.  I watched my patients come and go frequently, never getting better. If one pill did not work, we would try a different one. 

Hurry up, move out, next patient please !!



I knew there had to be more than this.  I did not start my nursing career to see my patients on a conveyer belt.  I looked for a way to utilize my nursing experience and skills, combined with my passion for taking care of patients. Transformational Nurse Coaching is the resulting answer to my dreams.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, I have made it my life journey educating myself about how to prevent and even eliminate disease and illness.


I believe in making humanity a little better by helping others realize positive change through encouragement and empowerment.

I completed an intensive six-month training in individualized coaching techniques that spark transformation and life-long changes in my patients. I am ecstatic that this new career direction allows me the freedom to have my own business, where I can truly connect with people on a deeper level by creating inspiration and healing in their lives they never thought possible.


My calling and my practice are now integrated. I look forward to being your nurse coach for a better you, helping you with your transformation from illness to wellness.

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“Manifest a new vision for your life-full of self-acceptance, power and joy”
~ Master Mingtong Gu

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