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Butterfly on Branch

Coaching for Chronic Pain

"Discover, release and dissolve un-useful patterns of behavior and thinking”
~Master Mingtong Gu


Barbi was always able to see where I needed to dive deeper into myself even when I didn't want to. She did it gently and allowed me to set the pace, some weeks I had profound growth, other weeks I struggled to take baby steps, but she reminded me it was all in the right direction. I felt challenged in a good way throughout the process.

~ Tara

The mind tends to fixate on problems, especially the body’s problem(s). Your mind becomes attached to its own concepts and perceptions of difficulty, diagnoses, prognoses, and perceived limitations. We repeatedly tell ourselves the same story of our perceived reality. This limited view blocks your energy flow, prevents deeper understanding, and limits your ability to resolve the problem’s underlying cause.

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