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“Transmute wishful thinking to conscious co-creation." ~ Master Ming Tong

Western medicine focuses on symptoms and the specific part of the body where they’re happening. It can be crucial for broken bones, surgery, or something that needs immediate action.

However, when you are dealing with any chronic health issue, a pill or some stitches are often not the answer. If we continue to focus exclusively on the disease and/or symptom, we may miss the bigger picture of what could help you break through to the next level of your healing.

"After just a few months working with Barbi, I have achieved a level of sustained continued wellness. It has been a year since I used Barbi’s coaching services and I have continued to grow as a direct result of her guidance. As a side effect, I have lost inches around my waist- from size 20+ to now a size 6!! Her guidance and inspiration have led me to live a life I only imagined before. I highly recommend Barbi’s services and expertise to anyone who desires a fuller, calmer & more present lifestyle."

~Michelle Vigil, 38, Mom, Nurse

Coaching to Decrease Medication Dependency

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