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Barbi Buckles, RN

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Success Stories

Before coaching my life was hectic and isolated (even though I was married and working at home). I felt as though my husband and I were disconnected and honestly, living like roommates. We didn't openly share with each other what was coming up for each other. We also had completely different parenting styles that often met each other with resistance.


I really enjoyed working with Barbi, and it was so evident that she has a huge heart. She cared deeply about my family and our overall wellbeing and she did an amazing job of holding such positivity and hope for our family (at a difficult time when we needed this the most). I love how she is direct yet loving and encouraging. She held us in such high regard and it was evident how much preparation and support went into her coaching. She was available to us whenever we needed it and this was so amazing!


Now, my husband and I have improved so much in our communication skills with each other! Overall, we are just improving so much as a family to communicate with each other. The vibe of the house is very much improved in that we now have more strategy and understanding and agreements around how we treat each other. I don't feel like I have a roommate anymore, I know have my best friend and husband back!


Personally, Barbi has helped me tremendously in my own health and wellbeing and her expertise assisted me to improve my health habits and find a practitioner that helped me get to the root of my health issues. I feel amazing and so energized! With this new found energy; I am able to be so proactive in my parenting and my business is starting to flourish!


Since coaching with Barbi, I have been able to witness my husband transform into a much healthier and confident and connected version of himself. There are no words to describe how amazing this is!!


I am so incredibly grateful to Barbi for her love, expertise and coaching. It was such a blessing to be coached by her for the last 10 months, and I am so grateful that she was our coach and guide. I highly recommend Barbi's coaching and expertise!!

~ Gabby Labuda

Happy couple after coaching

Before coaching I felt out of balance, like my life was happening to me and I had no control over it. I was struggling setting up boundaries and taking time for myself, I was allowing other people’s needs to take priority over my needs. Before coaching with Barbi I was hopeless, I could not see a way out of my misery. My physical health was lacking because my mental health was in the gutter.


I won't say coaching was easy, sometimes extremely uncomfortable. However, I know that in order to change we have to go through times of discomfort. Barbi was always able to see where I needed to dive deeper into myself even when I didn't want to. She did it gently and allowed me to set the pace, some weeks I had profound growth, other weeks I struggled to take baby steps, but she reminded me it was all in the right direction. I felt challenged in a good way throughout the process, I really needed someone to push me because I didn't always want to try. I loved how Barbi was so supportive and encouraging for my wins, small or large, she also called me out when I didn't keep promises to myself. Barbi allowed me to feel like I am a priority in life and should start putting myself first, this was very hard for me.


My life has purpose now. I know that each day I need to take care of myself mentally and physically. That to maintain balance I need to take action, every day, not just every now and then. This is a journey, not a destination. I still struggle with boundaries however I notice sooner when I've been pushed past my comfort and I quickly reassess. Life is not easier or better necessarily, but I have so many tools to fix things, The most important thing that Barbi helped me with was finding my confidence again. I am worthy of a good life, I am worthy of love, It is ok to say no, it is great to put myself first. These simple ideas were never allowed in my life before coaching, or if they were I carried a lot of guilt with them. Barbi has reminded me that I can't be a mother, wife, friend, daughter if I don't fill myself up first.


I truly can't thank Barbi enough. She literally saved my life, I know that there is still work to do every day, but she encouraged me that I can do it. One step at a time, I am worth it. Barbi has a unique way of telling you truth that you might not want to hear, in a loving and helpful way. The way she encouraged me to eat foods to heal my mind and body has been a huge transformation. When I slip out of my good habits of eating correctly and taking my supplements I fall hard into a dark place. Although this is upsetting, the truth is that I am in control. If I put the work in, I can transform my life. Barbi, thank you for being not only my coach but also my friend, I love you! ~ Tara Morrissey

August  2020

"My life was and is full of turmoil. I am splitting up from my significant other of 23 years and making massive changes. I was in the process of deciding whether to keep or sell our home, which decision would lead to many additional choices and lots of work to be done. My coaching sessions with you have helped me focus on this choice, to write down the pros and cons of my options, and to make a decision.


I have enjoyed our sessions for several reasons. I like the level of trust I feel when we talk and I believe that our time together really helped me find the ability to DECIDE.


I am becoming more decisive. I also was able to respond to a family situation with a firm stance and to remind my family that this is a time for me to take care of myself first and foremost.

I feel stronger. I realize that writing down my options helps me to form conclusions and relieves my mind from the constant spinning and overthinking. I’m learning to breathe in deeply and to exhale fully!" ~Kelly Landa, 59, California

"The journey begins

I had not seen nor spoken to a dear friend Barbie for 3 years. I did think of her on a regular basis and hoped she was well.

One day, in the middle of the pandemic, she called me. We reconnected immediately. Sharing our stories of three years passing. 

She shared her new found career as an RN life coach. I was so inspired and excited for her. I knew she would be fantastic at it.

And the timing could not have been more perfect.


During the pandemic, I found myself slipping into old behaviors of envy, jealousy, low self-esteem, anger, fear. All that was occurring in my life was lighting me up like a Christmas tree, in terms of triggers. The feelings i was experiencing, were sending me down a dark hole that I did not know how to get out of . My reactions and behaviors were affecting my whole being and interactions with friends and my family. Needless to say, I wanted and needed help. 


I immediately signed up with Barbie because I trust her and knew she would put 100% into her work. She helped me help myself sooo much. She has a true gift in her ability to reach deep into a person's being and ask the questions, so that I could look at them. Together, as coach and client, we discussed plans and goals to work toward. She has many books ,and techniques she shared that helped me arrive in letting go of the old behaviors and patterns that i was getting stuck in.  


I really loved how easy it was talking out in a dialog versus a traditional therapy where I am expected to do most of the talking, and very little interaction. She created a space of comfort, trust and true interest in my wellbeing. She was very professional and worked so hard in between our sessions on more ways she could help me reach my goals. 


I am thrilled to have worked with Barbie Buckles. She and her amazing talents as RN coach really gave me immense help at a time, I needed it most." 

Thank you with love and gratitude—5 stars,

~ Heidi Biber

August 2020


"I was having some feelings, at times, of low self-esteem and self-doubt. I was feeling some considerable stress about what was happening in the world. I was feeling bad about my tendency to procrastinate about doing things I know I need to in order to feel good, and also feeling a fear of failure that is new for me. I was noticing my ‘gremlin’ a lot more than usual.


Wonderful! Your direct and empathetic way of asking your questions and addressing mine is very conducive to sharing. You are non-judgmental and supportive which is critical for getting people to open up. I felt very safe and comfortable talking with you about things that I would normally not talk to others about, and seeking your ideas about how to make positive change in my life.


I realized some things that need further thought and work, which we began working on together. I was motivated to continue working on these things. I feel good about moving forward with more self-reflection and insight – it’s like a barrier to my doing so has been lifted after working with you. I look forward to what further exploration will bring.


This is not my first time working on myself, so most of the things we discussed are not new to me, but I have a renewed sense of the validity of this self-work. I realize that somewhere there is a reason for everything I do and feel, and that those things that may not be working for me deserve further exploration. You reminded me to practice gratitude, mindfulness, and journaling daily.


I think all persons could benefit from the coaching process, but particularly those suffering from any negative thoughts or difficulties, unhappiness or strife in their lives, or anyone expressing an interest in working on themselves.

Thank you Barbi for a great experience!"

~Jen T, Truckee California.  

"It was a great experience. You were never judgmental, which meant I never approached a session with trepidation or guilt for not hitting the goals I had set for the week. Our time together just felt like an opportunity for an honest assessment of my progress, with you offering different solutions to try, or delving into why an obstacle existed and how to overcome it. I also appreciate your flexibility and understanding of where I was at the moment as a new parent.


The most immediate benefit is I started and have kept up two health/fitness habits—foot exercises and 3/week sits. They sound small but I’m very proud of them. Second, I have a semblance of a desk again, and I’m planning a schedule for fixing my office space and turning it back into a place for me to think and work. Lastly, but maybe even more important than all the others, I feel at peace with my current emotional state/physical being/stuff-that-needs-to-be-done; now that I’ve laid out my desires and goals in front of someone else, they’re much easier to face without a rising tide of anxious panic and self-recrimination (it’s still there, but it’s easier).

I was surprised by how much I liked the guided meditation. I’ve previously found guided meditations distracting (as compared to just sitting quietly), but I liked the two you chose (especially the foot rooting one). I felt I could sit there for the whole hour just meditating. It reminded me to give things/persons a revisit or second chance.


This is tough, as I think it’s very much up to the individual (like you said, they have to be ready and willing and in the right place in life). I would recommend you to someone looking for a therapist or support, but doesn’t know where to start— coaching with you would be a great place to explore the landscape for professional mental/emotional help, especially since you could also connect them with other professionals (ie Pilates, acupuncture, etc)."

LRW, 34

July 2020


"The timing of our coaching sessions was good. I was recovering from a Postpartum mood disorder, and seeking affirmation and guidance for my continued healing and growth. Our coaching sessions were a place and time where I could separate myself from the immediate concerns of newborn care and think without distraction. This helped to organize the jumble of long-term goals and immediate to-dos piled haphazardly in the recesses of my brain. Your questions also helped bring forth goals and desires that were lurking dimly in the background."

~A happy client

"After just a few months working with Barbi, I have achieved a level of sustained continued wellness. It has been a year since I used Barbi’s coaching services and I have continued to grow as a direct result of her guidance. As a side effect, I have lost inches around my waist- from size 20+ to now a size 6!! Her guidance and inspiration have led me to live a life I only imagined before. I highly recommend Barbi’s services and expertise to anyone who desires a fuller, calmer & more present lifestyle." ~ Michelle Vigil, 38, Mom, Nurse

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