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Meditating in Nature
“Manifest a new vision for your life-full of self-acceptance power, joy and inner peace." ~Master Ming Tong

Our mind, body, and heart functions are based on patterns learned in response to stress, trauma, or other life circumstances. Energies accumulate and are stored in the body, and we often respond on auto-pilot using old patterns that can be limiting or keep us “stuck”. Remember that thanking others, feeling gratitude for yourself, appreciating nature, and being grateful for all-that-is, can help balance any feelings of separation, loneliness, sorrow, grief, or anxiety.

"Barbi allowed me to feel like I am a priority in life and should start putting myself first, this was very hard for me. My life has purpose now. I know that each day I need to take care of myself mentally and physically. That to maintain balance I need to take action, every day, not just every now and then. This is a journey, not a destination."

~ Tara

Coaching for Stress, Life Balance, Interpersonal Relationships

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