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Mistaking your "Story" about your body & any diagnoses you've received as the TRUTH about your body

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

We all have stories...

The kinds of stories we tell about ourselves and our lives, are hugely important on the healing journey.

With Transformative Nurse Coaching you will learn to shift your narrative from one of blame, disconnection, victimhood, and impossibility—to one of responsibility, connection, empowerment, and do-ability.

You will learn to focus on how to nourish and heal yourself instead of continuously bombarding your mind, heart, and body with fear and anxiety stemming from the “news”—whether you hear the news at the doctor’s office, on the TV, or read it on the Internet.

You will face and embrace the challenges that life throws your way as opportunities for opening, accessing, and reconnecting to your creative potential, healing from the inside out.

As you connect with your true self, your stories of dis-ease become stories of healing.

Leave a comment below about the Story you have received and believed about your body. Visit my website, and discover how I can help you find the TRUE Story about your body.

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