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An experienced RN helping you make transformative, lasting physical and behavioral lifestyle changes

to foster your healthier, happier, and more gratifying life

Therapy Sessions
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, possibly suffering from anxiety or depression and want to improve your quality of life?


  • Have you tried to make healthy life and nutritional choices, but lack the knowledge and experience to chart the right path?


  • Do you want to make positive change in your life, but lack direction or the toolbox to get it done?


  • Are you on multiple medications and want to reduce or eliminate dependency, but are also a little afraid of the outcome?


  • Do you have chronic pain, cardiac issues, diabetes, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, auto-immune, or other concerns?

"Barbi creates a space of comfort, trust and true interest in my wellbeing. She was very professional and worked so hard in between our sessions on more ways she could help me reach my goals. 

I am thrilled to have worked with Barbie Buckles. She and her amazing talents as RN coach really gave me immense help at a time, I needed it most." ~ Heidi Biber

If you are someone who embraces change, is willing to commit to and invest in creating better life balance, committed to being proactive in your own healthcare and lifestyle, you are ready for transformation.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, I have made it my life journey educating myself how to prevent and even eliminate disease and illness.


I believe in making humanity a little better by helping others realize positive change through encouragement and empowerment.  

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I truly can't thank Barbi enough. She literally saved my life, I know that there is still work to do every day, but she encouraged me that I can do it. One step at a time, I am worth it. Barbi has a unique way of telling you truth that you might not want to hear, in a loving and helpful way.
~ Tara Morrissey
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About me

After 39 years as a nurse at the bedside, primarily in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), I decided to find a new path that connected with my sole purpose as a nurse

Taking Care of My Patients.


As a bedside nurse, I was frustrated with our current medical model focusing on acute problems and quick solutions; never focusing on the real problems behind the illness.  I watched my patients come and go frequently, never getting better. If one pill did not work, we would try a different one. 

Hurry up, move out,

next patient please !!


I knew there had to be more than this.  I did not start my nursing career to see my patients on a conveyer belt.  I looked for a way to utilize my nursing experience and skills, combined with my passion for taking care of patients. Transformational Nurse Coaching is the resulting answer to my dreams.


What is a Transformational
Nurse Coach? 

It is a sustainable and viable option where I am able to truly dedicate my time educating and healing people. Transformational Nurse Coaching allows me to break down the barriers of Western medicine and Holistic health to achieve transformation in my clients and get them out of the chronic conveyer belt cycle of healthcare, today.


I completed an intensive six-month training in individualized coaching techniques that spark transformation and life-long changes in my clients. I am ecstatic that this new career direction allows me the freedom to have my own business where I can truly connect with people on a deeper level by creating inspiration and healing in

their lives they

never thought possible.


My calling and my practice are now integrated. I look forward to being your nurse coach for a better you, helping you with your transformation

from illness to wellness.

Our day-to-day choices have the greatest impact on our overall health and wellbeing.

Barbi Buckles, RN

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